Google’s annual hardware event is around the corner, and with Pixel 3, Pixel 3XL, and Pixel Slate debuting for sure, among others, this event will have some major products to boast of.

We will be covering the entire event in real-time, so be sure to refresh the page regularly, for updates.

9:42 pm IST: Rick back onstage. “We’re taking an end-to-end approach to consumer technology.”

  • Talks about the whole keynote event in summary.
  • That’s a wrap up for Keynote.

9:38 pm IST: Introducing Pixel Stand

  • “the smartest wireless charger ever.”
  • “Pixel Stand isn’t just a charger, it changes the UI of the entire phone.”
  • Pixel 3 at $799, on October 18, in Verizon, preorder available. Unlocked on Project Fi.
  • Pixel Stand at $79

9:35 pm IST: Liza Ma and Brian Rakowski continue talking about pixel 3. Few key points:

  • automatic capture on a smile
  • Always focussed on moving a targeted object.
  • The new Duplex feature that can call a restaurant for you
  • “Screen call” will answer calls for you, and ask who is calling.
  • “This all happens on the device, powered by Google AI.”
  • Flip  to Shh feature, when it flips over and contains Titan security chip

9:30 pm IST: Liza Ma and Brian Rakowski onstage talking about pixel 3

  • Night Sight makes Pixel the best low light camera
  • “Night Sight works so well, you’ll never use you’re flash again.”
  • Coming next month
  • Group Selfie Cam for wide angle pictures (183% more coverage than XS), in front.
  • Double click for zoom out mode. shake to switch to selfie mode
  • Playground to include AR cartoon characters for both front and back facing camera. Interactive and responsive to reactions
  •  Google Lens now integrated directly into the camera, using Pixel visual Core.
  • Just point at shoes or sunglasses to find the site to shop online.

9:25 pm IST: Liza Ma and Brian Rakowski onstage talking about pixel 3

  • Free YouTube Music for six months to Pixel 3 users.
  • Partnership with Annie Leibovitz for taking magazine covers pictures.
  • Talking about HDR+ and the Pixel Visual Core chip inside the phone.
  •  Top Shot that picks the best photo for you.
  • Machine learning to find perfect pictures.
  • “Top Shot automatically captures alternate shots in HDR+.”
  • Zoom now uses burst photos and merges them to create an extra resolution.

9:20 pm IST: Liza Ma and Brian Rakowski onstage talking about pixel 3

  • “It’s a phone that can answer itself, a camera that won’t miss a shot, and a whole new experience while it’s charging.”
  • Matte finish on the all-glass black
  • Just Black, Clearly White, not-pink
  • 5.5-inch Pixel 3 and 6.3-inch Pixel 3 XL.
  • Pixel 3 XL is edge-to-edge display, with notch display. Flexible OLED with an adaptive color profile.
  • Better screen-to-body ratio, with front-facing speakers and a custom sound profile. 40% louder speakers


Pixel Slate
Pixel Slate

9:15 pm IST: Continuing about Pixel slate

  • Contains Titan security chip, built-in virus protection, automatic updates.
  • The power button doubles down as fingerprint sensor
  • comes with backlight Pixel Slate keyboard, no charging required.
  • Fully customizable “folio”, folding angle.
  • Pixel Slate Priced at $599
  • Pixel Slate Keyboard $199
  • Pixel pen $99
  • Available later this year


9:09 pm IST: Rick comes back on stage, talks about search and Chromebook.

  • Introducing Pixel Slate.
  • Trond Wuellner comes on stage and talk about Pixel Slate.
  • “Google Pixel Slate is a completely new experience. It isn’t a laptop trying to be a tablet, or a phone trying to be a computer.” Lotta shade there!
  • 293 pixels per inch, with a custom display, 100 times faster movement of pixels. Low-temperature LCD.
  • Dual Speakers on the front side, with awesome quality, with stereo experience.
  • 3 months of Youtube TV free with pixel slate.
  • 8 mp front and 13 mp back-facing camera.
  • UI is simplistic, with the easier reconfigured launcher.

9:00 pm IST: Home Hub is priced at $149  dollars, and available for purchase TODAY, in google store, and available on another retailer in US on 22nd October.

  • “Home View was designed to be super easy and intuitive to use.”
  • Shows a video for Home Hub

8:90 pm IST:Diya Joly comes back on stage.

  • Introducing Home view for Hub, for making control easier, with a dashboard look.
  • Home view supports a million devices with thousands of brands.
  • “We designed Hub to be the world’s best photo frame … we do this with deep integration with Google Photos.”
  • Live album to create a new album, from selected users, without scaling, and allow sharing.
  • uses machine learning to remove blurry and duplicate photos

Hub view

8:58 pm IST: Mark Spates coming onstage to demo the Home Hub.

  • Mark says “Good morning,” and it tells about his schedule, the weather, and to-dos.
  • Demos Egg Benedict recipe and youtube search.
  • Hub comes with six months of youtube Premium, including their own music library.

8:55 pm IST: Diya Jolly enters the stage and talks about Smart Home

  • “The number of queries to Google Home has gone up 400 percent in the past year.”
  • “Now imagine not just hearing a response, but being able to SEE a response. That is the power of Google Home Hub.” Maps, search, and Photos have all been redesigned for Hub.
  • “We obsessed about what a display designed specifically for your home should do. We spent countless hours on the design of the Hub.”
  • No camera on Hub, to ensure privacy, and added Ambient EQ to fine tune the hub’s display.
  • Turns off the display on the night, and uses voice match, to find who is using it, and provide personal customization
  • 85% of home users use voice search.

8:50 pm IST: “This year’s new devices fit perfectly with the rest of the family.” Shouting out Ivy Ross and the rest of Google’s designers, who cheer.

  • Google wifi uses mesh network and AI to provide better connectivity. #1st router
  • “Nest defined the thoughtful home with the Nest Learning Thermostat, which is the #1 product in its space.”

8:47 pm IST: Pixel 3 introduced, with an amazing camera

  • Introducing Pixel Slate and Google Home Hub Smart Display

Pixel Products

8:45 pm IST: Talking about Digital well-being

  • “We feel a deep responsibility to provide a helpful, personal Google experience, and help them with their digital wellbeing.”
  • Home devices are used in more countries, making it easier to interact and improve your personal life

8:40 pm IST: Image recognition has improved

  • “When we think about artificial intelligence in the consumer context, it isn’t artificial at all. our guiding principle here is the same as its been for 20 years: to respect our users.”
  • Three ways this plays out: Google can organize your own information. “Google Assistant is the best expression of this.”
  • Second: “We’re committed to the security of our users.” Talking about Google Play Protect and Titan Security.
  • Titan security protects data security with a “closed loop”

8:30 pm IST: The keynote starts with Google’s animated video

  • Rick Osterloh takes the stage.
  • The event will be more about ‘help’ and ‘search’
  • 143 million words are translated every day.

8:10 pm IST: The event is live, the keynote starts at 8:30 pm IST.

*Event yet to start.