Apple Inc has just launched Watch series 4, with its primary focus on health tracking. Unveiled at Apple keynote on September 12, 2018, it is the latest addition to its set of smartwatches, with new features like heart rate monitor, electrocardiogram(ECG), atrial fibrillation alert notifications, and fall-detection.

Apple Watch Series 4

Following FDA approval, Apple has integrated the option of taking Electrocardiogram with your watch, that measures the activity of your heartbeat, using electrical heart sensor on the back. Placing a finger on the digital crown creates a closed circuit, for the ECG to work. It checks for atrial fibrillation (irregular or rapid heart rate) and if it encounters anything unusual, the watch will send a notification. The optical heart sensor is always active and runs on a background so it can respond almost instantaneously, in an emergency.
Apple Series Watch 4

Coming to screen, Apple has increased the display by more than 30%, as compared to previous models, with the new edge-to-edge display, and made it much thinner. The digital crown of the watch is redesigned with haptic feedback, and the bold red dot is replaced with thin, red outline. Apple Watch Series 4 is powered by a 64-bit dual-core system-on-a-chip processor, called S4 and claims to be 2 times faster than the previous models, and it runs on WatchOS 5. The battery life can run for all-day(18 hours), and 6 hours with extensive use, including GPS and calling. Apple also introduced a new walkie-talkie feature, with an improved and loader watch speaker(almost 50% louder).

Apple Watch series 4 introduced a new watch face with the focus on health. It shows 8 complications [widgets], including heart rate, music and workout shortcuts, and activity levels. It also introduced the ‘Breath’ watch face, that helps you focus on your breathing. There are a few more watch faces added, which plays elemental videos in the background, like fire, water, or air bubbling sound. One of the watch faces allows you to add contacts in your screen so you can connect to the, on 1 click, while other watch face lets you track different time zones simultaneously. you can check live scores with MLB At Bat, or flight information with Qantas app, or nutritional intake with LifeZone app.

One of the new features, that is added in this version of the watch, is fall-detection. With the help of newly improved accelerometer, that can sample data 8 times faster, and gyroscope, the watch can sens, when the user falls or trips, and in case, he/she doesn’t get up or move in next minute, Siri makes the call for emergency services. The watch can be connected to your phone with the help of cellular connection or Bluetooth 5.0. If cellular, then it can work even if you not near your iPhone.

Apple Watch series 4 claims to be environment-friendly, with Arsenic-free glass, and its completely free of mercury, Brominated flame retardants(BFR)  and Poly Vinyl Chloride(PVC). The watch will be available in 3 aluminum finishes- silver, gold and space grey, and 3 polished space black steel finishes, including the new gold-stainless finish. The watch can pair with bands of all models. The  Nike Sports loop includes a  reflective yarn for nighttime visibility, and bigger display, best suited for marathon runners.

The series 4 watch is priced at $399 for GPS version, and $499 for cellular version, and is expected to go on sale on September 14, and delivery by September 21.