With all the smart wearables available in the market, starting from a Bluetooth headset to a fitness tracker, it becomes very difficult to carry around all of them. A start-up from India, Xenxo, has launched its first product S-Ring, to cater the needs of all smart gadgets into one. Built primarily for emergency SOS tracker, the ring boasts 12+ features including voice calling, fitness tracking, gesture control and many more.

With the product reveal on April 24, 2018, at Kickstarter, Xenxo S-Ring has caught many eyes, with its glaring sets of features, built in a finger ring. S-ring is a slick smart ring, that consists of a microprocessor with 94 components, 4 sensors, and an ultra-low power 32-bit microcontroller. With the dimension of 2.6mm x 10mm x 13mm and weighing 15gm, it is built with ultralight Aluminium, which is hypoallergenic to human skin. The device has a built-in earpiece, and 2 microphones, one at the front for collecting the sound, and at the rear for noise cancellation.

Xenxo S-Ring
Xenxo S-Ring

Xenxo S-Ring Features

  1. Bluetooth Call: The device connects with the smartphone with the help of Bluetooth 5.0, that allows you to make high definition voice calls, though the ring, thanks to the built-in earpiece and microphone. The palm of the hand helps in reducing the audio quality drop, by providing a medium to transfer sound directly to the ears. It enables privacy on the call, unlike calls from smartwatches, which happens on a speaker.
  2. Data Storage: The S-Ring comes with built-in 4 GB internal storage, that let you store files into the device. You can copy or upload the file using your mobile through Bluetooth, or use the USB dongle to connect to a laptop, and download/upload. In both ways, the ring has to be authenticated using the mobile app, or passcode to access the files. This feature literally translates to ‘data at your fingertips’.
  3. Gesture Control: With the help of 3-axis accelerometer integrated into the ring, it can detect your hand gesture, and translate into actions/commands for your smart devices, like changing music, or turning up the volume.
  4. Silent Alarm: The S-Ring works as a silent alarm, by vibrating on your finger, so the user wearing it only will get notified, without disturbing others.
  5. NFC Payment: Make a one-tap payment, with the help of NFC payments, built with Xenxo S-Ring. No more lost wallets.
  6. Health Parameters: the ring can double down as your fitness tracker. It can track your steps and calories and informs when you complete your daily goals.
  7. SOS: The most prominent feature of this ring is the emergency SOS system. With a long tap in the home button, it sends an SOS signal with the location to your loved ones, and emergency devices discreetly, without letting the stranger know.
  8. Siri / Google Assistant: The ring is compatible with Siri and Google Assistant, and speaking to it allows you to set alarm, or perform any voice-enabled action for your smartphone.
  9. Speak Out Time: With the help of built-in earpiece, the ring can speak out time, when asked to. You just need to ask ‘What is the current time?’. You don’t have to check your watch or smartphone again, to know the time.
  10. Bluetooth Key: The Bluetooth enabled device allows you to access your smart door. It can automatically open the door for you when you are nearby.
  11. Access Card: S-ring has a built-in infrared proximity sensor, which can sense, if it is on your finger or not. If not, the ring gets automatically locked, and can only be unlocked with the help of the mobile app, or passcode.
  12. Separation Alert: The ring will alert you, if you move out of range from your smartphone, effectively informing you to reach out for it. Now, you will never worry about leaving the phone behind.

Xenxo SOS

Xenxo S-Ring comes with curved custom-made rechargeable Li-Po battery, that can last up to 3 hours of talk time, and 5 days on standby, or so company claims. The battery is charged using a USB dongle (2.0), that can be plugged into the laptop, or a power cable. The mobile app will be available for both Android and iOS. The ring is waterproof(IPX7) and dust resistant, so don’t worry about splashes of water on it. It is available in 4 color variant: Matte Black, Classic White, Space Grey and Rose Gold. Since its inception in April 2018 in Kickstarter and Indiegogo, it already got crowdfunded for $650,253 from more than 2000 backers, which is 26 times the expected $25,000 funding goal.

Xenxo S-Ring USB

Xenxo S-Ring is available for pre-order on Indiegogo for $189(retail price of $259) and is expected to start delivery by December 2018. The product itself is in the prototype phase, and beta testing is completed in July, and production is expected to start in November. The product will contain 1 Xenxo S-ring and 2 USB dongle with a 1-year warranty. Pre-orders will also contain SDK development kits, along with it. Since, it is crowdfunded, be cautious of pre-order purchase, but with the features, it’s providing, and 24% discount rate, it’s worth keeping an eye out for.

Pre-order Xenxo S-Ring here.

PS: Did you get the #LordOfTheRings reference?

Media Sources: Xenxo, Indiegogo

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