Sleep deprived? Snoring issues? Living near a busy road?

According to a survey, 20% of the world’s population are sleep-deprived, that mounts to 1.5 billion people, and 58% have other sleep irregularities, leading to health issues, and productivity decline. The Nightingale Smart Sleep System, built by Cambridge Sound Management improves the sleep quality, by surrounding your room with stereo white noise and soothing ambient sounds, to mask the disturbing noises around you.

The Nightingale smart sleep system is a pair of a dual pass-through smart plug, with multi-colored LED lights and a pair of micro-speakers(each), that emits immersive white noise, to mask common indoor and outdoor noises, like snoring, running water, whispers, or even traffic on the road. The device is 4.3″ long, 2.7″ wide, and 1.7″ thick, with 5.5oz in weight. It has a masking blanket frequency of 500 Hz – 4 kHz at 30-50 dB (SPL). Place the 2 units at the opposite wall of a room to give the best sound diffusion, and a 360-degree immersive stereo effect called a ‘sound blanket’. These sound blankets take rooms’ acoustics architecture and sleep conditions like tinnitus, or snoring into consideration, to give the best room coverage and sound settings.

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Nightingale unit can be placed anywhere in the room, even behind furniture, to work properly, and fits into a single gang outlet with 110v power. The single gang are standard width outlet, that lets you connect two devices, one above another. Since it is a dual pass-through power outlet, it allows the other devices like charger, lamps to connect through it. The LED lights on the device work as a night-light, and can also double down as alert light when connected to other IFTTT devices. Nightingale smart system can be voice controlled through Alexa, Google Home, Nest, Hue or managed through Nightingale app or website. The LED light has 4 colors: white, red, yellow, blue, and green, and is managed via the app. The micro speakers emit the white noise, and can also read your weather reports and traffic updates.

Nightingale uses the walls to reflect the soft ambient noise, giving a full surround sound experience. The device can produce 15 different sound blankets, based on your requirements, and room architecture, to enhance your sleep. If that is not enough for you, then it has additional 5 nature sounds: Loons, Crickets, Whales, Lakeshore and Rainstorm to help you sleep better. The sound blanket and soothing nature sound can’t be played together though.

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Nightingale sleep system connects to the mobile app Wifi or Bluetooth. Installation is quite straightforward. The device once activated, gives a voice intimation to download the app, which is available for both Android(6 and higher) and iOS(9 and higher). The app then asks about the room type: Adult room, kid room, if you need snoring or tinnitus blanket. It also asks about room surfaces like hardwood flooring, carpet, drapes, or glass, to decide if the room is absorptive, neutral or reflective and then sets up a recommended setting for you. If you don’t like it, you can simply customize it. You can also choose your own nature sound preferences, and the volume level, from the scale of 1-10, with 6 as a balanced value. You can also choose the LED light color for the room’s nightlight, and its intensity.

With the Nightingale app, you can schedule your unit, to turn on/off, based on your requirements. It can also be done via Alexa or any other smart home device. You can use the app to control multiple Nightingale units simultaneously. Setting IFTTT recipes is also possible through the app, like showing alert light, if nest protect detects any smoke. Connection via Bluetooth has some limits like scheduling the units is not possible.

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Based on research conducted by Harvard Medical School and Sleep Score Labs, Nightingale units reduces the time to sleep by 38%, with 26% better quality and elongates duration with 64% less distracting noise. The Standard Edition costs $149, with one unit, and can cover 150 sq.feet, whereas The Premium Edition with 2 units cost $249, and covers 300 sq. feet. The Nightingale pair can be used in your home, a hotel room, hospital, college dorm, or even a childcare facility.

While the price is on the higher side, in comparison to other white noise machines, Nightingale smart sleep system adds a bunch of customization to the unit and smart system capabilities, along with the additional stereo effect. So if you want an advanced sleep system, that can integrate with your smart house, then this is your best bet.

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