Air-pollution has become a major global health issue of today’s world, with 7 million deaths every year. Millions are suffering due to poor air quality, and it has become imperative to track the quality of the surrounding, before going out. Flow by Plume Labs, is a portable smart air quality monitor, that collects air quality data and tracks personal exposure to air pollution. It can help you adjust your daily routine by providing factual insights of pollution hotspots, in the area you travel.

Unveiled at CES 2017, Plume Lab’s Flow is world’s first full-spectrum air pollution monitoring system, that can track both indoor and outdoor air quality, and update you with real-time data about the surrounding air pollution. Flow is a small portable Bluetooth LE(Low Energy) device, that connects to your smartphone and gives a detailed report of the air, you are breathing. With the dimensions of 120*40*35 (including the strap) and weighing 70g, it can easily clasp into your backpack or pocket so you take it with you on your way out.

Plume Labs's Flow Product Shot

The device’s 360-degree air intake which includes nanowire gas sensors can track NO2 and VOC sensing MEMS, particulate matters(PM2.5, PM10) Optical sensing, temperature, relative humidity, and has 3-axis Accelerometer. All the data are collected in real-time with the help of multiple government air monitoring satellites, and other users, who are using the device, which is shared over a single main server. The collected data is used by Plume Air Report app, to create a map of air pollutants in an area, over time, and informs the user of the clear, less polluted routes. The app uses machine learning and AI, to process the data, and provide customized information to the user, to avoid such area. It not only provides current pollution level but also forecasts about the coming days. The air Report App is available for both Android(5+) and iOS(9+).

“Over the past three years, we have been perfecting Flow’s custom sensing technologies and environmental AI in partnership with renowned environmental researchers from institutions such as Imperial College London and France’s CNRS-LISA, to build the most comprehensive personal air quality tracking technology on the market,”

-David Lissmyr, CTO, and Founder of Plume Labs.

Plume Lab's Flow usecase

Plume Lab’s Flow is equipped with 64Mhz System-on-chip with 16Mb internal memory, and a rechargeable 600MaH battery, that can last up to 24 hours, in a single charge. The battery is recharged with USB-C charger, provided with the box. The device is designed in collaboration with Frog, well-known design firm, and looks sleek with Eigen grey stainless steel body, with Cognac vegan leather strap. The exterior has a capacitive touch, with 12 LEDs surrounding it, that shows the extent of air pollution you have been to, in past 12 hours. If there are multiple red dots, then you were in the polluted area. Flow stores this data and historical data, to build a high-resolution street-level pollution map of your route, and suggests alternative paths, to avoid such area.

Plume Lab's Flow App

During its street run in London, more than 100 volunteers came together to traverse 1300 miles in sidewalks(20% of area), to help create a map of air pollution hotspots with 500,000 data points in London, providing meaningful insight of the air quality at the location.

Plume Lab’s Flow is priced at $139, and is available for pre-order, with an expected shipping date of September 2018. The price will go up to $199 after the pre-order period is over.

Pre-order Flow by Plume Labs here.


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