With the rising trend of Smart Home and connected devices, almost every device can be controlled by your mobile or your voice, with the latest addition of air conditioners. Kapsul(previously known as Noria) has recently launched its first app-driven, window air conditioner, Kapsul W5, that can be controlled with your smartphone, or even voice if paired up with Alexa or Google Assistant.

Kapsul W5 is a small 7-inch(7*20*22in) tall, 45 lbs window air controller that packs a punch with cooling power of 5,000 BTU. The reduction of 40% size is because of highly efficient fans and ventilation system with state-of-the-art CFD simulation. The AC makes less than 50db noise, making it twice as quiet as other conventional window air conditioners. Kapsul W5 is pretty modern and minimalistic in design, with only one knob, that is used to control temperature, along with temperature, humidity, and kilowatt sensors, and LED DIsplay with light-sensing night mode. The temperature is displayed in Fahrenheit only, but Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion is available in the app. It has an operational capacity of 70-110 F.

kapsul W5

Kapsul W5 is designed to blow the cold air upwards, that mixes with warm air that falls from the top, to provide better air circulation and full room coverage, preventing any cool and hot spots in the room. A single W5 can cool up to 10*16 room, while two can cool a room of 330 sq. feet. Due to small in size, it doesn’t interfere with your outside view and allows light in from your window, and can be easily removed and kept under the closet, if not required. The W5 comes with 11 EER(energy efficiency rating) and consumes only 0.480 KiloWatts per hour.

Kapsul W5 comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity so you can control or schedule cooling periods for your AC with few taps on your phone, or voice using Alexa or Google Assistant, making it energy efficient. Installation is pretty simple, in comparison to other AC installations. The device comes with a window frame adapter, that can be put into place by a single person within a few minutes. It can fit into single or double-hung window frames from 21” to 36” in width. The frame adapter is designed with tilted 3 degrees up, to collect the condensed water outside the window. The device protrudes 8-9inch outside the window, to collect those condensed water. The frame adapter also has spring-loaded locking cleats, that once latched, cannot be pulled or pushed from inside or outside, making it locked to its position.

Kapsul w5 front view

The Kapsul app is an intuitive app-based smartphone interface for the AC, that is clean and easy to operate, and available for both Android and iOS. Developed by Liard, it uses AWS IoT platform to provide cloud services to the app. Through the app, you can control the temperature, schedule cooling periods, Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion, check the usage history, or connect the AC with voice assistants like Alexa or Google-Assistant. HomeKit compatibility is expected in near future. IT can control multiple W5 units simultaneously.

Kapsul W5 side view

Kapsul W5 comes with a 6′ power cord, with LCDI 3-prong plug fit, that also works as a surge protector and fits 120V outlets. The device is UL-484 certified, and every device is tested by a trusted third party before it is shipped. W5 can right now be only placed horizontally. Kapsul will have a standard screen filter, that needs to cleaned once a season, to prevent clogging of dust particles on the evaporator coils.

Kapsul W5 is priced at $499 at its official website, with a 1-year warranty, and is available for pre-order for only the United States and Canada, with an expected delivery of spring 2019.

Pre-order Kapsul W5 window Air Conditioner here.


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