In this modern technological era, where everything is connected to the internet, whether it is your smartphone, or your smart speakers, or even your doorbell, it is has become more prone to cyber-attacks. Hackers find new and innovative ways to sniff into your networks and steal your personal information. To protect the users from cyber-intrusions and malware, CUJO has launched a smart firewall system, to prevent such attacks from happening.

CUJO AI Smart Internet Security Firewall is a small device, that connects with your router, which is connected to WI-FI, to monitor all the traffic going in and out, and analyze it for any suspicious activities, and blocks it. It stores a regularly updated database of all known cyber-threats, and detects it on the network, it is connected to, and blocks. It can be viruses, malware or phishing sites, or hacks. It acts as an antivirus for the network, sniffing all the incoming and outgoing data stream, and sending the metadata to its cloud server, which checks for any problems and instructs the device to obstruct it. CUJO collects all static and DHCP IP addresses of the websites, you visit and send it to cloud for processing, which might be a privacy concern, but a company official has confirmed that only the metadata of destination IP addresses is sent, and not the personal information or any identifiable trail, making it unobtrusive in nature.

CUJO smart internet firewall on sleep
CUJO, while not active

All the major processing happens in the cloud, so the device has to handle less load on its own processor, as it has only dual-core 1GHz CPU, 1GB DDR RAM, and 4GB flash storage. But on the networking side, it provides 2*1GBps Ethernet ports to handle incoming and outgoing traffic and can handle up to 50 devices simultaneously. it can connect to your smart TV, laptops, gaming console, smart light bulbs, or any internet-enabled devices. With a dimension of 124mm*124mm*146mm, and weighing 377 gm, CUJO is a lightweight device, with an intuitive ‘EYES’. Yes, CUJO has eyes, which changes based on its activity. It the system is offline, it will show closed eyes, if the device is active and protecting, it will have smiling look, and under attack, it will have round questioning eyes. It adds to the decor of the house, making it easier to place in the open.

CUJO smart internet firewall
CUJO, while active and protecting

Other than malware and threat detection, CUJO firewall device also provides parental control, which can be used to manage and control internet usage. It can monitor and restrict internet consumption, block/control internet access, set up time limits, and provide behavior analysis of each user profiles. It also supports Cryptographic Hardware Acceleration to manage faster cloud communications, providing quicker response time.

CUJO smart internet firewall
CUJO, under attack

CUJO AI Smart Internet Security Firewall is made as ‘set and forget’ device, with 2 Ethernet port slot, 1 power connector, and a small reset button. Installation is fairly simple, plug in the Ethernet cable provided with the device, to the port, and the router, install the app on your smartphone (Android/IOS supported) and follow the instructions in the app.  It will connect with the network, then you can add all your connected devices, to the app, and then let the device do the rest of the work. The connection to the router can be done in two ways: Gateway mode: where you directly plug to the router, and the Bridge mode, which is complicated, as it connects to multiple routers. But the technical team of CUJO is very responsive and will help you set it up quickly.

CUJO AI Smart Internet Security Firewall also provides Safe Browsing over IP/DNS, Unauthorized access blocking, Antivirus and Antimalware, Command & Control blocking, DoS attack security, Local+Cloud security layers, and Rule-based protection. CUJO is priced at $249(one-time fee) and $139($0 subscription) and is available in Amazon, eBay, and a couple of other online shopping sites.

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