Imagine you can upgrade your TV speakers, without setting up multiple speaker systems in your house? With the new SONOS BEAM, you can do exactly that. Sonos Beam is a compact, smart speaker with built-Alexa,  which pairs up with your TV & remote, to control your sound system. You can control Beam with your voice, TV remote, Airplay, or any app providing music service. Other than Alexa, it also supports Siri and Airplay 2, with Google Assitant still in talks, keeping the system, platform neutral.

Sonos Beam was specifically designed for small or medium living rooms, so that it covers the least space, with maximum quality. With the dimensions of 68.5 x 651 x 100 mm and a weight of 2.8 kg, it is a compact, stylish piece, that can fit right under your TV, or can be wall-mounted with their custom wall-mounts, saving up a lot of space. It comes in two variants- Black and white. It connects to the HDMI ARC port of the TV, using an HDMI cable, or an Optical Audio Adapter if your TV doesn’t support HDMI ARC. You can control other smart devices in your home through skills in Alexa app, like turning on lights or setting the temperature.

Sonos Beam with Sonos app


Sonos Beam has 4 full range woofers and 3 passive radiators inside, to provide a quality mid-vocal frequencies with rich bass. The bass and treble controls can be adjusted, according to your preferences, to provide the right quality for different environments. It has 5 class-D amplifiers to match the speaker drivers and acoustic architecture. The 5 far-field microphones allow Beam to listen to your voice from any direction, so that, even if audio is playing, it can process your voice commands, by canceling the multi-channel echo. It also has one tweeter,  that creates a crisp and clear response. Even though Sonos Beam is quite a powerful soundbar, you can still connect to other Sonos speakers, using WI-FI, to create a true home 5.1 surround sound system. It can play music from any music source, whether be it Spotify, or Google Play or Amazon, making it a perfect wireless multi-room soundbar. The quality of the sound itself is pretty good, even better than Sonos Playbar, given that it is half the size of the latter. It supports all audio formats, other than Dolby Atmos.

The top panel of Sonos Beam features a capacitive touchscreen, which allows you to control the volume, play/pause the music, or turn on/off the microphone. It has an LED mounted on top, that indicates the status of volume, microphone, and tracklist. If you are concerned about security, you can always turn off the microphone, which will, in turn, switch off Alexa.

A compact smart soundbar for your Smart Home, Sonos Beam

Installation of Sonos Beam is pretty easy and straightforward. Plug in the power, connect to your TV, using HDMI cable, install the Sonos app, connect to WI-FI, and the app will do the rest for you. You just need to select the TV brand, the model number is not required, working as a universal remote. It makes sure, your remote controls the volume of Beam and not the TV. Beam uses BLE (Bluetooth Low  Energy) to temporarily connect to your phone, during the setup process, after that, it uses the WI-FI to stream and update. During setup, it asks to tune Beam’s sound using TruePlay system, which uses the iPhone microphone to adjust the sound based on the room, you are on (Android phones not supported yet).

Sonos Beam is priced at $399, and with the exceptional sound quality, it is providing, and half the price of Sonos Playbar, or Sonos Playbase, it is definitely worth a buy, if you are looking for a small but powerful smart speaker for your smart home.

Buy Sonos Beam from the official Sonos website, or Amazon.


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