Ever wondered, how awesome would it be, if you never had to recharge your watch, to function? Well, Matrix industries have just made it a reality with Matrix Powerwatch. With the latest addition to the series, Matrix Powerwatch x has a taken a step more towards a smartwatch genre with notification capabilities.

Powerwatch x uses the Seebeck effect, to charge itself. Seebeck effect is a condition in which differences in temperature between two materials create electricity. The watch uses a thermoelectric generator to harness the power generated due to the heat difference between the skin and top of the watch. So, the watch charges from your body heat, and has a memory built-in, so that it can save the information during sleep mode when you remove the smartwatch from your hand and reloads when you wear it back again.

Matrix Powerwatch X
Source: Powerwatch

The watch itself is huge but not heavy, with dimensions of 50mm, a thickness of 13.5mm, and weighs around 60-70gms, with reinforced bezel and aluminum casing. The ridges on the watch act as heat vents, for maintaining temperature difference. The silicone rubber strap is described as ‘indestructible’ by the industry. Being as big as g-shock, it doesn’t suit everyone’s taste. Powerwatch X has 240 x 240-resolution reflective monochrome display, with no touchscreen. The menus can be controlled by the crown, and two buttons on the side. The readouts are in grey-on-black and show either time or calories or steps, based on the mode, so a lot of watch-fiddling to change modes, as you can’t see different modes simultaneously. It has a dim backlight, which is only useful in total darkness.

Much like Powerwatch, Powerwatch X also have step counter, which tracks the number of steps, you have taken, with the help of accelerometer, and also tracks sleep. It also counts calories burned, with the help of heat dissipated from the body. On average, it shows 100 calories burnt during rest, and jumps to Kcal, in exercise mode. It has a stopwatch for the exercise mode. Running mode shows distance and elapsed time.  Powerwatch x adds the feature of showing notification, which was not available in the previous model, but it is not quite helpful as it seems. it only shows notification, that you have received a notification or call, not the actual content, so eventually, you have to check your phone, to see the notification.

Matrix Powerwatch X

The watch has Real Time Display power meter, which shows, how much heat your body is dissipating, and an approximate temperature of your skin. The Matrix phone app, which is available for both Android and iOS, is a pretty basic app, with no detailed breakdown of the data collected, and there is no option to sync with other fitness devices. The app is connected to the watch using Bluetooth, and many users have complained about the pairing issues.

Matrix Powerwatch X is priced at $279, which is pretty expensive, according to the features it is providing. Matrix industries are definitely going on the right track of innovation but need to improve a lot, before it can meet market standards.

You can buy Matrix Powerwatch X here.