As the technology advances, every system is indulged in Artificial Intelligence, and Android is no behind in that matter. Google just officially released Android 9 Pie, which is an AI-powered OS, that will learn, based on your preferences, and tailor it accordingly.

Android 9 aims to make your phone smarter, based on your usage, and decides the optimal choices for you, to make the most out of your phone. It comes with features like Adaptive Battery, which will adjust, based on your app usage, and prioritize battery usage respectively, making your phone last longer, with a single charge. it also features Adaptive Brightness, which learns, how you like the brightness in different environments, and adjust based on it. Android 9 Pie introduced ‘App Action’ feature, which predicts, the next action you are going to take so that you can do the task more quickly. If you plug in headphones, it will show your last playlist, in front of you. If you daily commute at the same time, it will suggest you the navigation at the time, when you usually travel.

Later this fall, Pie will integrate ‘Slices‘ into the OS, which will show a part of the app, you search, and shows the recent action, you might take, making it faster to act, without the need to open the app itself. Navigation is also made easier, which is more gesture-based, rather than buttons. You can just swipe down from the top of the screen, and see all the recently opened apps, and with a tap, open any tab. ‘Smart Text Selection‘ shows you relevant actions, based on the selected text, even on the Overview of recent tabs, making it easier to perform the action.

At Google IO in May, they showcased some wellness features for Android, which they implemented in Pie. This includes a new Dashboard, which tracks and shows, how are you spending your time on the phone. They also introduced App timer, which will grey out the App icon, once it crosses the limit. The new ‘Wind Down‘ option set the phone to grayscale mode, and ‘Do Not Disturb‘ mutes all notifications, whenever you want to disconnect.


As far as security is concerned, Android Pie uses a secure, dedicated chip to protect private sensitive information like credit card information. It also applies TLS by default and DNS over TLS to keep all web communications private.

Apart from these major changes, they also implemented many small changes like work tab, which will show all your work apps, in a separate container, easier screenshot using power menu, redesigned quick settings and volume controls, smart 1-tap replies on notification bar, multiple Bluetooth connections(up to 5), HEIF photos support, to reduce image size. It also introduced OCR in Camera View, which will read out the text aloud, when you point on text, using the camera, or in a picture.

Android 9 Pie will be available to all PIxel users, starting today, and all the other companies handset, which signed up for a beta program like Sony Mobile, Xiaomi, HMD Global, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus and Essential will get it by the end of the fall.

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