From the makers of a smart thermostat system, Ecobee has now launched its new smart home device, Ecobee Switch+, a smart light switch with built-in Amazon Alexa. These in-wall switches can do much more than typical smart switch, with built-in motion sensors, temperature sensors, and speakers.

Switch with speakers

Ecobee Switch+ is the first smart switch, that has Alexa built-in. It has a perforated speaker mounted on the top, through which, it can listen and communicate with the user. It connects with all other Alexa powered devices, and also works with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT etc. Switch+ can control your lights, play music, help you out with a task, set up a reminder, turn up/down the volume, or control other smart devices in your home. It has a light bar attached to the top, which flashes different colors, based on Alexa state. It has motion and occupancy sensors, which tracks if the room is empty or not,  and turns on/off light based on it. You can also use Alexa voice command to turn it off, or Ecobee app, or the manual switch. The daylight sensor enables Switch+ to stay turned off during the day and has a night light at the bottom, that can double down as a night lamp.

Whole Home Voice

Ecobee Switch+ enables a whole home voice with the help of Far-field voice recognition, i.e. you can speak the Alexa command out loud from anywhere in the house, and the nearest smart switch will process the action for you. It can upgrade any outdoor light to turn on at dusk, and off at first light, or manually control with your app. With the new firmware update, you can put the lights on autopilot, so even if you are in vacation, Switch+ will randomly switch on/off lights, pretending to be a non-empty house, reducing the chances of break-ins, or you can just keep them off, to save energy. The Ecobee app is available for both Android(>=Android 4.4) and iOS devices(>= iOS 9), so no matter, what mobile you use, you can always use it to control your smart switch.

Ecobee switch with Ecobee 4 thermostat

Installation and Integrations

Ecobee Switch+ can be paired with Ecobee thermostat, and with the help of built-in temperature sensors, you can control cold or hot spots. Installation is pretty straightforward and comes with a wall plate, mounting screws, wire nuts, and install guide in the box so you can set it up yourself.


Switch+ is strictly for indoor dry location use only, and not compatible with a 3-way switch, where multiple switches can be wired to the same light. It requires an internet connection, to connect with the app and other Alexa services. It operates from 0° to 55°C temperature range, and 5% to 95% RH humidity range. With the dimensions of 106mm*45mm*50mm, it is bigger than a normal switch, but then, with a mounted speaker on top, it is bound to be, but it doesn’t look out of place, in a smart home environment.

Ecobee switch+

Pricey, but worth it?

Ecobee Swich+ is priced at $99, which is expensive than other smart switches, out there, but if you want Alexa built in your wall so that it doesn’t take any additional space, and still let you control all other devices, and perform various actions, then you can go for it.

You can order Ecobee Switch+ here or get it in Amazon.


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