In today’s world, everything you can perceive is DATA, and storing them has become an essential part of every business in each sector, whether be it Finance, or Education, or Mass Media. As the need to process and analyze that information increased, the size expanded exponentially, leading to bigger, costlier server space. Bandwidth, storage costs, latency and compute requirements don’t allow for a centralized cloud processing model for IoT, and decentralized model leads to slower, inefficient and less secure central data warehouse, because data from all streams and devices and sent to the main server, for processing, which becomes a bottleneck. This is where edge intelligence comes into play. With an intelligent edge, all the decentralized or remote systems are empowered to pre-process the data collected, ‘on the edge’, i.e. when it is captured in the network, allowing it to intelligently refine, bundle, and even encrypt the data, before it is sent to the central system, thus making it more efficient and secure.

FogHorn is the leading developer of “edge intelligence” software for industrial and commercial IoT application solutions, which applies advanced analytics and machine learning to edge environments, to optimize and diagnose the machine performance, make the system efficient and intelligent. The main vision of FogHorn is to enable Edge Analytics to Edge AI, creating a universal distributed intelligent program, that lives within the edge devices. Many lead IoT industries like Intel capital, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures (SAEV), Bosch, GE, Dell etc. have funded FogHorn for its excellent Edge Intelligence Traction.

Pushing IIoT to edge with FogHorn Edge Intelligence

Recently, ADLINK Technology, a global provider of edge computing system, has partnered with FogHorn to implement its edge intelligence to their DXS IoT digital experiments as a service. DXS allows potential IoT endeavors, without any upfront cost and risks associated with it. DXS customers are provided with all the benefits of digital experimentation for their IoT products, with a thorough analysis, that can be easily scaled up and rolled out. Adding FogHorn Edge Intelligence will enable unprecedented low latency on-site data processing with real-time analytics, allowing it to adjust to constantly changing operating conditions. This will enable industries to integrate IoT based functionalities expeditiously to their new business model, with little to no cost.