In this era of theft and forgery, it has become increasingly important, to only keep your digital life safe, but also your real life, and that begins by making your home secure. Gone are the days, when you can just keep your house safe, with a lock and key. You need a much smarter lock, to keep your smart house safe, and that’s where August Smart Lock is going to make your life easier.


August Smart lock 3rd generation is a Bluetooth smart lock, which allows you secure and keyless entry to your home, without any hassle. It doesn’t replace a traditional lock but adds an extra layer to it, so you don’t need to carry your keys around everywhere. The 5-inch hardware itself is placed inside the house, with a high-tech look that comes in silver and dark grey color. Since it is Bluetooth based lock, it can only be accessed, when you are near the range, but if you couple it with August connect, then you can remotely access your lock, through your mobile device from anywhere. It has auto-lock and auto-unlock feature, which locks/unlocks the door, after a certain interval of time. It also let you know, if the door is closed and locked, or just closed, making it life-saver for those, who forgets to lock the door, after closing.

August Smart Lock works with a single-cylinder deadbolt and can be set up within 10 minutes, with a single screwdriver. Once ready, you can use the August app to configure as per your requirements. The app keeps a track when the door is locked and opened, and by who, with a timeline view, making it very useful, if you have roommates or kids. Using the smart-lock with Bridge or Doorbell allows you to control your lock using Alexa, or Google Assistant, thus making it compatible with your smart home systems, whether it is Amazon Echo, Google Home, or Apple Home Kit. If you have IFTTT set up, then you can sync your smart lock, so that, the smart lights turn on, when you unlock your door, which is a pretty neat trick.

Source: Avteck

August app allows you to give time constraint access to your friends and family, which will allow them to open the doors, for when you are not available. This is a great addition, for many a time, it happens that, someone is left waiting at your front door because you are not nearby to open it. August Smart lock is available at $149, and August Smart Lock Pro + Connect at $279.

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